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photographer/ make-up artist.

Takashi Matsuzaki and the art universe have always found a beautiful friendship. From a very young age, art has always allured him. At age seven, Takashi discovered the sensuality of oil painting. Inspired and curious visits at the museum further sparked this discovery, especially his fascination by the 18th century French painter, Francois Boucher.

Art revealed fashion. In this next moment of artistic expression, Takashi was captivated by the disciplined, yet revolutionary oeuvre of French couturier Jean-Paul Gaultier and sparked his own quest for formal studies in fashion design at the Kuwasawa design school, in Tokyo.

After his diligent studies in Tokyo, Takashi moved to New York in 1996 to follow the dynamism of this cultural crossroads city. Here he worked as a design assistant in fashion Ateliers. Takashi further engaged his technical expertise in design and love for painting and began his craft as a make-up artist where he exhibited his talents in fashion shows, magazine editorials, and commercial ad campaigns.

Combining all that inspires him, Takashi Matsuzaki lives in NYC, where he continues to develop his natural love for art, fashion, and beauty. Photography could not enter his life soon enough. The power of captured imagery empowered Takashi. He leads his own photo shoots in NYC and has very hands on influence with styling and beauty direction.

With all he has learned both formally and innately, Takashi Matsuzaki currently travels from New York to Paris where he continues to reveal his artistic temperament.

In the last few years, he has begun a lifetime project in capturing the essence of roses through photography.

Client list

Gucci, Thom Browne, Ralph Rucci,  Alkit,  Apple,  Contax, Fuji Film,  Phase One, Elistopher Entertainment,  Void,  Walmart,  Latte Town,  Oscar Promotion,  Qeens Avenue,  Gale Hayman,  Sara James,  Office Max,  Anton,  Helen Wang,  Selma Karaca,  Kim Hicks,  Sherry Stefee, agnes b.,  Coca Cola, Colgate,  Winterfresh,  Degree, Chocolate Milk,  Chris Craft, OKUSTAN,  Fury by Dana,  TBWA,  Destroy Clothing,  Ellement Five,  CBS,  Toshiba Entertainment,  Waner Brothers,  Fuji Television,  SONY,  Nihon,  Television NHK,  Pony Canyon,  SOB's,  Starbucks,  Artist Share, Bill Blass,  Ode Music Entertainment,  Sonic Image Inc, Boris Graphic Engineering,  Blue Note,  Geneon Entertainment,  Artistshare,  EMI music Japan,  Phat Farm,  Mal Sirrah, Iceberg,  Polo Ralph Lauren,  Jakarta Jazz Festival,  Club IKUSPIARI Tokyo,  HMV,  Tower Records,  King Street Records,  Joynoelle, Inside the Actors Studio(James Lipton),  Phil Ramone (music Producer), Phoebe Snow,  Hiroki Otsuka (Illustrator),  DJ RUBY RED,  Monday Michiru,  Bolta Masters,  Office Irisawa NY,  visiblex, inc.,  Avex Entertainment,   Business Week Magazine,  American PHOTO Magazine,  Cosmopolitan Magazine,  Cosmo Girl Magazine,  Maxim Magazine, Esquire Magazine,  People Magazine,  Soho Style Magazine,  Play Boy Magazine, Penthouse Magazine,  RIX Magazine,  Frau Magazine,  Non-no Magazine,  Can Cam Magazine,  Pure Country Magazine,  Nikkei Business Style Magazine, Prive Magazine,  COOL magazine,  CO-ED magazine,  Metropolis Magazine,  Grace Magazine, Tokyo Calendar Magazine,  Asahi News Paper,  Japion News paper,  Shukan New York Seikatsu news paper NY,  Odorudeshikashi news paper NY,  Myspace from JP magazine, Victor Entertainment,  Toshiko Akiyoshi, Adventure Music, Clarice Assad, Alex Sipiagine, 

Training: Christian Dior Shiseido

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